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This year, I decided to share more of my personal lifestyle family photography work on my blog. My kids are the inspiration behind my work, the joy in my heart, and are responsible for my growth as an artist…keeping them off the blog simply because they are mine just isn’t me. My blog is the story of my life and ALL those who come into it or are apart of it every day. I will say loud and proud that I am a mom with a camera.

Today is a little “day in the life of Maddy Grace”…10 photos telling her story. She had her doll house out for some play time, read Christmas books in February, and “tolored” with her “tayons”. I love being a quiet spectator watching her imagination play out. She is so different from her brothers, but shares one thing in common with her brother Joshua…silliness. She definitely has the goof-ball gene. Her peek-a-boo inside the doll house made me smile and laugh.

The family photo sessions that are planned out with my kids are great, but more and more I am so drawn to photographing the little moments. These are things I will long for when she moves past this season of life. Hearing her “read” a book and tell the story based on what she sees in the pictures…hearing the conversations she has with the mommy and daddy in the doll house…and her asking me if her artwork is “bootiful”. Those sweet conversations and moments of play where she is in her own little world teach me to see life differently…to see these moments, I have to slow down and quiet the distractions of life. Isn’t that what we all need? What we all want? At 3, Maddy seems to have this figured out.

 Yes, I know there are only supposed to be 10 images, but those of you that know me…know that narrowing down images is one of my weaknesses. 🙂


by Melissa Lloyd

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