1st Day of School {So I Don’t Forget}

New shoes

New lunch bags

New clothes

and new teachers…


Summer break has come to an end and another school year has begun. We started our morning with chocolate chip pancakes and made it through the rush of packing lunches, taking first day photos, and getting back packs. Everyone got up this morning with excitement …too bad this won’t last…we’ll see how “exciting” things are tomorrow morning. : ) Once we were out the door, I was quickly reminded that school was back in session…traffic was at least double what it was during the summer. When we got to the elementary school, I think Joshua skipped all the way from the parking lot to the building. Inside his classroom, his teacher was waiting for him with a hug..she is sooo sweet! He found his desk and started sorting through his school supplies. He even indulged me in taking a picture with his teacher. I stayed as long as I could, but finally, we said our good-byes and I tearfully walked away…my baby is getting so big.

Next stop was the Middle School to drop Zach off…that place was like a zoo! I snapped a couple of pictures of my big 7th grader as he was heading inside. I couldn’t help but wonder where the time has gone….seems like I was just dropping him off at 1st grade and now we are smack-dab in the middle of middle school. Ugh. I gave Zach a little hug and we parted ways…


joshua first day of school pictures san antonio children

by Melissa Lloyd

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