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On January 1st of this year, I challenged myself to do a 365 project. The purpose of this endeavor is to take one picture every day for a year…to see those seemingly ordinary and ho-hum moments for what they are…life. So far, each day has brought a greater appreciation of my family…who they are…and how great those”ordinary” moments really are. I am learning to look at playtime, homework, chores, and other routines in a different light. Those used to just be every day “stuff”…nothing note worthy…nothing exciting…mostly things that reoccured on a daily basis that passed by me without much thought.

Haven’t you ever wished you could have a day back? Wished you could relive some moment? Thought your kids were growing way to fast? This project is teaching me to really SEE those moments…appreciate them…and capture them. For most of us (myself included), the camera comes out on special occassions or big moments, but this project is all about capturing the little spontaneous moments in-between all those big ones.

The tough part of this project for me (thus far) is to stop being the 1st born perfectionist that I am. Not every picture is portrait quality. Life’s moments don’t always happen in perfect lighting (as much as I want them too).  …but each image is perfect to me because of who is in it. Even 20+ days into this adventure I am able to look back and remember taking that picture and what was going on that day and either smile or laugh. That is what is important. At the end of the year, I plan to make a book out of pictures that will be our life moments of 2012.

If you would like to check out my 365 project, you can find it at www.everydayphotos.throothelens.com. You can follow the project by entering your email in the subscribe box on the menu. Subscribers get one email (no spam or junk mail!) in their inbox showing the picture of the day…

Here is one of my favorite images: you’ll have to go to the everdayphotos blog to read the story behind it though…

Day 8 / 365

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by Melissa Lloyd

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