The 8×10 Myth

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Last time you took a little trip around your home and looked at your walls. You had to decide whether or not you had walls or fame or walls of shame. Before we can fix those walls, we have to have a little chat about the 8×10 and dispel the myth surrounding this print size…

Today I am going to blow your mind. Ready?

Here is the myth: An 8×10 is a large print.

This is so false it makes me want to beat my head against something. I have gotten all excited at an ordering session when someone tells me they want to purchase a large print. The giddy in me comes out like it is Christmas morning and there are diamond earrings under the tree. Then the client tells me that large print is an 8×10…those diamond earrings just turned into cubic zirconium and I now wish I had spiked Santa’s cookies with laxatives.

There is nothing wrong with an 8×10…it is a great size…and in its proper place it is p-e-r-f-e-c-t. Where is the proper place you ask? Great question. The proper place for an 8×10 is on a desk, dresser, night stand, end table, or book shelf. Let’s re-read that last sentence:

The proper place for an 8×10 is on a desk, dresser, night stand, end table, or book shelf.

What place is missing from that list? That’s right; there was no mention of hanging an 8×10 on a wall. Wanna know why? Because 8x10s on a wall are the size of an atom. Okay, maybe they aren’t quite that small but you get my point.

If you are planning to hang an 8×10 over a large piece of furniture like a couch or bed, then stop what you are doing and put the frame down slowly. For the love of heaven and earth, reconsider what you are doing. Hanging an 8×10 above a large object is like seeing a fat guy with a tiny head (sorry, if you are fat guy with a tiny head).  It don’t work (great grammer, huh?).  If people have to walk right up to your wall to look at a photo, then the photo is too darn small. These are walls for heaven’s sake! They are large…they separate one room from another and today’s home is usually open concept…meaning the walls are freakin’ wide with 7-9 foot tall ceilings. 8x10s are just not proportionally viable options for your walls. Accept it!

Take a deep breath…inhale…exhale…if you need a paper bag to stop the hyperventilating that is okay. I just rocked your world.  Debunking this myth was a “must do” though.  You were living a lie and I just couldn’t have it.

Before you get all worked up and cuss me out for even thinking of shattering this untruth, give me a chance to give you a couple of exceptions to this rule.

#1:  You have a small wall somewhere that a framed 8×10 is the proportionally correct size based on the wall space. Okay, frame that 8×10 and hang ‘er up. Remember it must be PROPORTIONAL.

#2:  You have a master plan of hanging 8x10s in a large group (like 8). Okay, that might work. You still need a large quantity to pull this off correctly and you can’t use a wall that that runs the length of your entire house (read: ginormous). The grouping has to be large enough to be PROPORTIONAL on the wall you are using.

Those are my exceptions…

We have cleaned off your walls, talked about 8x10s and their proper place, and now it is time to fill up those nekid walls with some super awesome pictures…

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by Melissa Lloyd

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