About Melissa



my kids…my inspiration, my muses, the light of my life….

Zach is the oldest…generous with his time and money, kind-hearted to everyone he meets, silly, artistic on paper and the computer, and a computer wiz (sometimes he scares me with what he knows about computers). He is quite often my right hand.

In the middle of the pack is Joshua…he takes silly to an all new level, has a sweet spirit, is always camera ready, and has the ability to spend 5 minutes on the playground and come away with a new best friend. He LOVES to play sports (basketball is his favorite but soccer is a close second). This kid loves to make us laugh and has about hundred goofy faces to share when the mood strikes him.

The baby of the family is Madeline (aka Maddy)…my sweet girl.  She is quiet and shy but absolutely adores her older brothers. She is 110% girl and can’t leave the house without accessorizing her outfit with a purse, necklace, and bracelet. A perfect day for her is wearing her tutu and twirling everywhere she goes. She throw’s a mean Tee Potty (tea party) too and has her brothers wrapped around her little finger.


my hubby . . .Bill

He is my shoulder to cry on, my ear to listen and the person that makes me laugh most. I’ve told him if he ever wants to leave the IT world, he has a career in comedy waiting for him. He supports and encourages the crazy in my life. My husband and best friend for over ten years…he is my lifelong partner, a great dad…



I graduated from Kansas State University with a Social Science/Social Work degree and then later on got a Master’s degree in Organizational Management.  I went on to become a Human Resources professional for several years in between having kids. After Madeline arrived, I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving  her so my corporate job got left behind and I joined the ranks of the Stay at Home Moms.  I’ve always been a creative person…always loved photographs…always loved taking pictures…but it wasn’t until my little tutu-loving girl came into my life that I realized my love for photos was also a talent. My super supportive hubby bought me my first DSLR and with a crazy, obsessive passion I began learning everything I could about how that camera worked, lighting, and all the other technical aspects of what makes a picture amazing. For me, the images have to be more than a snapshot…they have to tell a story…they have paint a picture of a child’s personality…they have to melt a person’s heart when they look at them.

Who i am? I am a lover of Jesus and saved by His grace. I am sentimental and have a reeeaaaalllly hard time throwing away anything my kids have made for me. I’ve asked my kids to stop growing so fast because I want to keep and remember everything…so far, this isn’t working…they just keep growing and I will need to put an addition on the house for all the stuff I can’t seem to throw away. I am a college basketball fan…specifically the University of Kansas (ya, I know my alma mater is Kansas State University…when they play better basketball I will become a fan).  I LOVE the beach and hope to someday live close to one. I believe that chocolate and sweets should be a part of the food pyramid because I couldn’t live without them. If pumpkin is one of the ingredients of those sweets, then life is awesome. I am a laid back…go with the flow…lets all get along…love one another…kind of girl. The Big Bang Theory makes me laugh out loud and I am currently watching all of the seasons because I never knew that something was missing in my life until catching a re-run one day. As for reality TV…I set the DVR to record Survivor and The Voice.

A session with me is fun, silly, filled with laughter, relaxed, and easy. I’ve been known to make faces, say funny things, or tell silly jokes to get natural smiles from kids. With fourteen years of mommy experience, I can soothe a newborn in no time. Oh ya! And, if I had a nickle for every time someone started talking to me and stopped mid-sentence and said “I don’t know why I am telling you all this” (guess I am a good listener)…well… I’d be livin’ large on an island somewhere drinking those fruity umbrella drinks. So…those are just a few of my superpowers. Wink!  🙂






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