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I’m an on-location, natural light, creative, portrait photographer focusing on maternity, newborn, family, + children. This blog combines my latest photography work, glimpses into my life, and things that inspire me.

I struggled this week with my 52-week project…soothing repetition was the theme. My friend Shelly gave me a great suggestion, but I was unable to find the object I needed so I had to go another direction. After a trip to the orthodontist with Zach and some lunch, we set out on a drive in the country in search of soothing repetition. Secretly, I was hoping for a road sign that would point me in the right direction for the inspiration I was seeking. In case you were wondering, there wasn’t one and trust me I looked. My GPS hadn’t heard of it either so I was on my own to find what I needed. So, after a few miles and more than a few hollers from Madeline, we stumbled upon this lake (and boy was I in need of some soothing right about then). Zach had his head phones on and was listening to his favorite tunes so he was immune to the war cry coming from Madeline. I pulled over and got out of my car to really look at the lake and trees. I was overwhelmed with the quiet peacefulness of the area. No cars, no people, no sirens, no radios, no crying from my sweet baby girl (when a girl needs a nap, she needs a nap!)…just quiet. I took a few steps away from the vehicle…grabbed my camera…and took a few shots. I spent a few more minutes enjoying the peace and tranquility before heading back into the crying zone. Surprisingly, when I got back into my car, I was happy to not hear Madeline, who had finally fallen asleep. 🙂 

Next week, I hope to get back to people pictures! I am not a landscape photographer… :). I ♥ people photos!! Can’t wait to see what the new theme is for the MCP Project 52. I will also be blogging about some new products that I just received yesterday. Can’t wait to share them with you!!!

Happy Friday everyone!

by Melissa Lloyd

I titled this post “winter” photos, but I use the term winter loosely when talking about the months of December through February in San Antonio. I grew up in Kansas and winter is very different there than it is here in south Texas. 🙂 Anyway, yesterday I took Madeline and Joshua for some fun on the playground after the afternoon school pickup. This wasn’t Madeline’s first trip to the playground, but is was her first trip there being able to walk on her own. She swang, kid-watched, and ran around on the playground like the big kids. I couldn’t resist catching a few shots of her on this momentous occassion. As I was editing the shots last night, it was noticeable that the green was missing…mainly the green grass. What was also noticeable, is that even though the landscape wasn’t jumping off the computer screen at me, Madeline was. And, isn’t it true that the focal point of the picture is the person in it and not so much the background? My point is this: Don’t shy away from taking photos just because the grass isn’t green and the flowers aren’t full of color and life. Every season is a reason to take pictures of those that matter to you…use a photographer or get out your own camera and capture a few moments.

by Melissa Lloyd

Ever wonder why a picture looks different once you order it in a certain size? Well, here is a little information to explain what happens to an image when it is sized. Pictures come out of the camera at 4:3 ratio which is like a standard 4×6. The image will only look like the 4×6 in certain sizes such as an 8×12, 12×18, 16×24 or 20×30. Mathematically, the 8×12 is double the size of the 4×6…the 12×18 is triple the size of the 4×6…and so on. Make sense? Didn’t know you’d be doing math today, did you? 🙂 Depending on the size you order, cropping is a must…there is no way around it. Keep in mind, not every picture looks good in every size so be flexible when it comes time to order. Also, don’t be afraid to order a non-standard size picture. Shops like Hobby Lobby and Michaels carry frames in all sorts of size these days and don’t cost much more than a standard size frame. FYI-the proofs you see in your gallery are 5×7’s. I crop to this size to expedite the ordering process, since it is a standard size most people want to own.  I hope this little tutorial helped! Here are some examples to further illustrate picture sizes…

by Melissa Lloyd

♦     Jennifer Strickler     ♦

Congratulations to Jennifer for winning the Pay It Forward giveaway! She had comment #11:  Jennifer Strickler – Entry 2- Im already a fan on facebook (Thanks to a friend who has had her pics done with you).

THANK YOU to everyone who entered the contest! This was a lot of fun and something I *might* do again in the future. If you aren’t a facebook fan, then be sure to become one so you don’t miss the next giveaway or discount opportunity.

Jennifer – please email me at and let’s talk about your upcoming session and which friend you want to give that free mini session to. 🙂

 A post is not a post without a picture and this is one of my favorites…such a little sweetie!


by Melissa Lloyd


To start the New Year off right, I feel like a giveaway. Sooo….

Enter to win a FREE session that can be used anytime during 2011. You could do a family, baby, just the kids, just you (♥), you and your favorite someone, a high school grad session, etc. And, because giving feels great, the winner will get to “pay it forward” by giving a free 2011 mini session to a friend!!

Free Session Includes:

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by Melissa Lloyd

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