Before & After: Damian l San Antonio Baby Photographer, San Antonio Family Photographer

I thought it would be fun to share a before and after of this little cutie! The top image is SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) and the bottom one is after my edits.

san antonio baby photographer natural light

I kept my edits pretty simple.

1.  It was a bit dark near those rocks, but he was determined to explore there so I played along. You can see the image is a little bit dark (not too bad) so I added some extra light to brighten it up a bit.

2. I ran some noise reduction in Photoshop to get rid of any grain.

3. I sharpened the image.

That was pretty much it. You can see that I didn’t crop the picture during my editing. The SOOC version is the same as the edited. For this image, I didn’t need to crop. I liked the image just as it was shot.


by Melissa Lloyd

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