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I had my camera out all day. I didn’t worry about whether my kids were always looking at the camera…I just took pictures. I really wanted my images to tell the story of our day…I wanted to remember it all. Not every image is portrait quality, but every image is a piece of our story and that makes it important. I hope you had your camera out and captured images that tell your own story. Images don’t have to be perfect technically to be perfect simply because of the people in them. Here are a few images from our Christmas story…♥

Our Christmas story…a day of fun…smiles…playing…excitement…family. Watching the kids’ faces as they got up that morning to see what was under the tree was SO.MUCH.FUN! I loved hearing the excitement in their voices and seeing the joy on their faces. Nothing compares to that…seeing them so happy and excited. Maddy was 2 this year so she was totally into unwrapping presents….whether they were hers or not. 🙂 I am so thankful that my kids are easy to please…they are thankful for whatever they get…I love that about them. Both Zach and Joshua were concerned about getting gifts for each other and their sister. It was fun to shop with them…both of them wanted to get something that the other would really like. Generosity & love…isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

I hope your holidays were filled with love…

Happy Holidays!


by Melissa Lloyd

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