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Monday was Halloween (yes, I am behind on my blogging) and  I wanted to share a couple of images of my own trick-or-treaters…Joshua and Madeline dressed up as bumble bees…two different types of bumble bees, but bees none-the-less. Zach decided he was too old this year for dressing up. 🙁 Makes me kind of sad that he is getting too old for anything! When did that happen?? Anyway, his brother and sister picked up his slack and collected enough candy for everyone so there was no shortage! Ha! 🙂

Joshua was Bumble Bee from the movie Transformers…he wouldn’t put on his mask for the picture, but I will take his cute smile anytime.

Madeline was also a bumble bee…she was even going around “stinging” her brother with her little stinger…CUTEST.THING.EVER!

by Melissa Lloyd

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