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          1. 導航

            Operation mode of unloading machine
            Author:Weifang Oujunbao Mining Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd,  Date:2022-06-29   Read:

            The belt conveyor is horizontally placed on the machine body and can run in forward and reverse directions. The running mechanism is driven by motor respectively. Belt electronic scale is an automatic control device. It takes the instantaneous conveying capacity as the control object and can be installed under the disc feeder or electromagnetic feeder. In addition to measuring, it can also adjust the unloading capacity by controlling the speed or amplitude of the feeder through the adjusting device. The belt electronic scale is composed of frame, transmission device, annular belt, scale frame, secondary instrument and other parts.




            The coal falls onto the belt conveyor through the electromagnetic feeder. Due to the movement of the belt, the coal is evenly laid on the belt. When this section of coal passes through the weighing section, the pressure will generate pressure on the belt. The pressure will be transmitted to the pressure sensor through the movable frame of the scale frame, so that the sensor will generate a strain proportional to the weight of the coal in the weighing section, that is, a millivolt signal proportional to the weight of the coal will be output, and then through the amplification unit in the secondary instrument, Point out instantaneous flow and accumulative measurement respectively. When the actual cutting quantity deviates from the given value, the deviation signal is passed.

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