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          1. 導航

            Daily maintenance of stacker
            Author:Weifang Oujunbao Mining Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd,  Date:2022-06-29   Read:

            The pre work inspection plays an important role in the operation of the stacker and cannot be ignored.

            1. Perform the following actions before inspecting the stacker:

            a. Stop the stacker at a stable place first

            b. Stop the engine, pull up the handbrake, and set the control lever to the neutral position.

            c. Make the mast vertical to the horizontal line, put down the fork and let the fork contact the ground.

            2. Check the following aspects:

            Check whether there is oil leakage or water leakage around the stacker.

            Check whether the tire pressure is normal, whether the tread is cut, whether the steel ring is deformed, and whether the screws are locked. Check whether the rear support and fork are deformed and cracked, and whether the fork positioning is normal. Check whether the tightness of the mast chain is consistent. Check whether the lamp system is damaged and whether the protective roof is deformed and cracked.

            Open the engine hood and check the cooling water level. Check the engine oil level. Check the fan belt for cracks and wear. Check the battery electrolyte level. Check the hydraulic oil level. Check the brake oil level. Put down the hood, get in the car and take your seat. Adjust the seat to the proper position. Adjust the steering wheel tilt angle to the desired position. Check whether the horn function is normal. Test whether the brake pedal is normal. Test whether the accelerator pedal is normal. Test whether the clutch pedal is normal. (manual gear model) try to step on the inching pedal to see if it is normal. (automatic gear model) check whether the hand brake pull rod operates normally.

            Turn the key switch to on and check whether the fuel quantity is enough. Check whether the warning lights and instruments on the instrument panel work normally. Check whether the function of the steering light control lever is normal. Check whether the brake light works normally. Start the engine, let the engine warm up for 5 minutes, and check whether there is abnormal sound or abnormal vibration. Check whether the mast is lifted and tilted smoothly, and check whether the oil cylinder and oil pipe have oil leakage. Check whether the clutch function (inching switch function) is normal. Check whether the braking force is sufficient. Check whether the steering wheel turns normally.

            It can be seen from the above that there are dozens of inspections, which is a tedious thing. Once an accident occurs to the stacker, the impact will be great.

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