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          1. 導航


            Loading Machine

            Contact: Manager Lu
            Mobile: +86-15065311789
            Address: Zhongrui steel logistics park, Qingzhou City

            Product Description

            Crawler type single bucket wheel stacker reclaimer has two operation modes: stacking and reclaiming.

            The stacking materials are taken from the bucket wheel by rotation, and the bulk materials transported by the bucket wheel boom belt conveyor are dumped to the stockyard through the discharge port at the front end of the telescopic frame. Through the operation of the whole machine, the rotation and pitch of the telescopic frame can make the material stack form a neat shape of trapezoidal section.

            The reclaiming is realized by the bucket wheel rotating and reclaiming through the rotation and pitch of the bucket wheel boom and the rotation and pitch of the telescopic gantry. The materials are unloaded to the bucket wheel boom belt conveyor through the discharge bin, unloaded to the telescopic gantry belt conveyor through the hopper below the machine center, and then unloaded to the stockyard belt conveyor through the telescopic gantry belt conveyor or directly unloaded to the transport vehicle. Through the operation of the whole machine and the rotation and pitch of the bucket wheel boom, the bucket wheel can take all the materials from the storage pile.

            The crawler type loading and unloading machine, which uses the bucket wheel for continuous reclaiming and the belt conveyor on the machine for continuous stacking and loading, is a common machine in the bulk material (bulk material) storage yard and evolved from the bucket wheel excavator. It can form a storage yard transportation mechanization system with the unloading (ship) machine, belt conveyor and ship loader (truck). The production capacity can reach more than 1000 tons per hour. The operation of crawler type single bucket wheel stacker reclaimer has strong regularity and is easy to realize automation. The control modes are manual, semi-automatic and automatic. The crawler travel is controlled by remote control, and the mobile transfer is convenient and fast, which truly realizes the rapid transfer and rapid work, and improves the work efficiency. The equipment adopts the dual-purpose energy supply mode of oil and electricity, which is convenient for the user to use flexibly and quickly.

            High energy efficiency: for bulk materials, it has large continuous mining capacity, wide working face and high efficiency.

            Few people: 1~2 people operate (or no one) to realize automatic mining and excavation.

            Low energy consumption: the total power of the equipment is 150KW, and the effective power is 130kW. The external 380V AC is used, and the local unit price is 0.55 yuan per kilowatt hour (the local actual unit price), and the mining cost per cubic meter is 0.125 yuan. The diesel generator set is 150KW, with an average oil consumption of 28L per hour. Based on the diesel oil of 7 yuan /l, the mining cost per cubic meter is 0.28 yuan.

            The use and maintenance cost of machinery is low: there are few vulnerable parts for daily maintenance, such as digging bucket, bucket tooth, idler, etc.

            Good environmental protection performance: bucket wheel excavation, excavation arm conveying system and discharge arm conveying system operate at low speed with less dust.

            Good reliability: the whole machine adopts 380V AC / diesel generator set as the power source, domestic brands such as motor and reducer, and imported electrical control components, PLC, hydraulic system pump and valve.

            Forward looking equipment design: through the intelligent design of equipment control, unmanned mining and excavation can be realized, remote monitoring of on-site working pictures, remote control of equipment operation, remote monitoring of equipment operation data, and equipment fault alarm maintenance. Compared with traditional excavators, the operating cost is reduced by 70% and the procurement cost is reduced by 50%. One working capacity replaces 2-10 conventional excavators


            Related Information

            Lu Public Network Security No. 37078102001980

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