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          1. 導航


            JXLW-1000 Earth Excavator Bucket Wheel Excavator

            Contact: Manager Lu
            Mobile: +86-15065311789
            Address: Zhongrui steel logistics park, Qingzhou City

            Product Description

            The main purpose 

            Bucket excavators are especially suitable for open-pit mines, large-scale main traverses (such as roads, canals or dams), and storage yard applications. In open pit mines, the requirements for mining scale are very different, so various mining equipment can be used. The combined units composed of different models are shown below:

            1. Giant bucket wheel excavator with conveying bridge and loader.

            2. Bucket wheel excavator loads heavy truck.

            3. The unloading arm of the bucket wheel excavator feeds the working face conveyor.

            4. Combined unit composed of bucket wheel baler and loader.

            Product Highlights 

            (1) The bucket excavator has high continuous productivity, large mining volume and long service life, and can obtain good economic benefits

            (2) Standardization, serialization, generalization, optimization of product manufacturing process, more conducive to maintenance and repair.

            (3) High degree of electrical automation, realizing automatic control and remote control.

            (4) The bucket excavator has large cutting force, large digging capacity and high efficiency.

            Related Information

            Lu Public Network Security No. 37078102001980

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