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          1. 導航


            JXLD-800 Crawler mobile stacker

            Contact: Manager Lu
            Mobile: +86-15065311789
            Address: Zhongrui steel logistics park, Qingzhou City

            Product Description

            1、 Main purpose:

            Crawler mobile stacker has a wide range of applications: gravel, sand, ore stockyard or silo stacking; Crushing plant of sand and stone mine, and finished stone stacking; Construction waste, soil, coal, grain, etc. are stored in quarries for stone after treatment; Loading and unloading of port ships, trucks and railway freight trains; As a connecting conveyor, it connects various equipment of the production line to form a material transmission system. Crawler mobile stacker is a kind of equipment widely used in engineering. It is mainly used in occasions where the loading and unloading locations are often changed, such as ports, wharves, stations, coal yards, warehouses, construction sites, sand and gravel yards, farms, etc.

            2、 Product highlights:

            (1) Structure optimization, firm and practical: the equipment structure of crawler type mobile belt conveyor is optimized, and the main beam profile is designed with reinforced structure, which improves the bending resistance and is more firm; Large conveying angle

            (2) Powerful material handling capacity: reduce the double handling of materials stacked by wheel loaders, improve the material handling speed, and the hourly handling capacity is 100-800m 3。

            (3) High benefit and environmental benefit: dust prevention and noise reduction facilities can be configured, and the current strict environmental protection requirements can reduce the movement of people between stations.

            (4) Various designs and wide applications: the crawler stacker reclaimer equipment can be designed according to the requirements of users to meet the needs of stacking, loading, transportation and transfer of wharf shipping, stone factory, etc.

            (5) Large material size and less oil consumption: the total power of the equipment is 96kw, and the effective power is 66.5kw. The external 380V AC is used. The local unit price of 1.5 yuan per kilowatt hour (the local actual unit price) is used, and the stacking cost per cubic meter is 0.124 yuan. The diesel generator set is 100kW, with an average oil consumption of 28L per hour. The stacking cost per cubic meter is 0.245 yuan based on the diesel oil of 7 yuan /l. Compared with traditional excavators, the operating cost is also reduced by 50%. One working capacity replaces 2-10 traditional excavators, and the procurement cost is reduced by 50%. The fuel consumption per hour is much smaller than that of wheel loaders. The size of conveyed materials is less than 300mm (about 30cm or less).

            (6) Site saving and large stacking area: the crawler mobile conveyor is 15-31 meters long, the inventory is 14 meters high, and the conical stacking capacity is up to 3500 tons (2188 cubic meters), which can be customized.


            1、 Main purpose

            The wheel bucket excavator is especially suitable for the application in open pit mines, large-scale square main roads (such as roads, canals or dams), and storage yards. In open-pit mines, the requirements for mining scale are very different, so different mining equipment can be used. The combined units composed of different models are shown as follows:

            Related Information

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