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          1. 導航


            JXLD-1000 Crawler mobile unloading stacker

            Contact: Manager Lu
            Mobile: +86-15065311789
            Address: Zhongrui steel logistics park, Qingzhou City

            Product Description


            1、 Overview

            Compared with the tire type stacker, the crawler type mobile stacker is favored by the industrial and mining enterprises with poor environment such as mines, aggregates and coal due to its outstanding site adaptability. The crawler stacker designed and manufactured by our company has the advantages of reliable performance, large capacity and high degree of automation. The wide plate chain conveying design at the tail of the equipment can meet the direct feeding of the dump truck, avoid the secondary transfer and stacking process of materials, and achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase.

            2、 Features and advantages

            (1) The total power of the equipment is 89.5kw, and the effective power is 60kW. The external 380V AC is used. The local unit price of 1.5 yuan per kilowatt hour (the local actual unit price) is used, and the stacking cost per cubic meter is 0.09 yuan. The diesel generator set is 90kw, with an average oil consumption of 28L per hour. Calculated according to the diesel oil of 7 yuan /l, the stacking cost per cubic meter is 0.196 yuan. Compared with traditional excavators, the operating cost is also reduced by 54%. One working capacity replaces 2-10 traditional excavators, and the procurement cost is reduced by 50%.

            The fuel consumption per hour is much smaller than that of wheel loaders. The size of conveyed materials is less than 300mm (about 30cm or less).

            (2) Direct unloading by loader / truck, with a single unloading capacity of 100 tons;

            (3) Strong site adaptability and flexible movement;

            (4) Complete dust removal / suppression measures with little work pollution;

            (5) Complete electromechanical system integration;

            (6) It can provide intermediate storage and control conveying flow;

            (7) Working capacity up to 1000M 3/ H (depending on the loading and unloading frequency of the dump truck);

            (8) Modular design makes installation and spare parts replacement more convenient;

            3、 Scope of application

            Cement, steel, electric power, quarries, ports and other industries;

            Port loading / unloading auxiliary facilities;

            Direct unloading of Road Trucks, loaders, trains, etc;

            4、 Configuration options

            Feed width 3 m to 6 m;

            Various groove types, feeding control, lightning protection and grounding options;

            Dust control system;

            Electronic control panel to meet the diverse needs of customers;

            Comprehensive field instruments.

            Dual power driven by diesel engine and motor;

            The hydraulic lifting ramp can feed in multiple directions to improve the unloading and conveying efficiency;

            Dust removal measures: the whole machine is galvanized, covered with dust-proof cloth, dust removal by telescopic chute, and dust suppression system by spraying water;

            High bearing plate chain belt;

            Related Information

            Lu Public Network Security No. 37078102001980

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