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I’m not going to lie…I am not one of those mothers that just naturally has no problem with their children making big messes in the act of playing…little messes I can deal with and appreciate. It is the BIG messes like paint being splattered all over the place or in the case of making bread with Maddy, flour flying everywhere. I am working on this…I believe in the philosophy of childhood messes and the necessity of them. The problem is that the practical side of me ends up taking over and the realization sets in that the “magic of childhood creativity and exploration” mess will eventually have to be cleaned up and more than likely the “clean up on isle four” will fall on my shoulders.

I think to a certain extent, I’ve always been this way. As a preschooler,  I went to Vacation Bible School and instead of playing with the other kids, I cleaned the play kitchen. Apparently, the place was dirty and needed my attention?? Having three kids has required me to let go and let some messes happen. Sometimes I even encourage the mess…(my mom is reading this with a look of shock on her face right now.)

Recently, I decided to make bread…I think Pinterest inspired this desire. I must have seen 25 pins for all kinds of bread and the carbaholic in me took over. As I stood in the kitchen gathering my ingredients, Maddy tugged on my shirt and asked to help me make my “bwed”. Over a couple of different days we made a few loaves of bread.

She spilled flour. Most of the eggs made it into the bowl but not all of them. She put her slobbered-on finger into the bag of sugar to taste it and danced in the flour that dusted our work area. We made a big.fat.mess and it was okay….because we had fun..because we laughed…because we grew a little closer those afternoons…because being with her was more important than the mess…

Days later…she is still talking about the days we made “bwed”…♥

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by Melissa Lloyd

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