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As the sun was beginning to peek out from the rooftops, we took a ride. With her new, pink Hello Kitty shoes and her favorite sweater we headed out into the chilly morning air. There is something special about being outdoors before the sun has had a chance to climb all the way into the morning sky. Slowly, the sun stretching her arms in the gift of another day…filling the sky with the hues of warmth.  

My something special peddled and drove without a thought about what lied ahead in the day…she was in the moment. She rode her cotton-candy-colored bike and filled the cherry, red basket with treasures she found on her morning adventure.

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…rotating the peddles forward and backward…

…humming along as the birds sang their praises…

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…giggling as she rang the bell…

…watching intently as the trees delicately danced in the sunlight…

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…observing the bugs in their predawn work as they crawled along the ground…

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She was taking it all in…seeing…feeling…appreciating…listening…it was so easy for her…all while the sun was creeping into our moment…

riding her bike

Watching the sun come up takes patience and in-the-moment presence. No distractions. No clock watching. Just quiet attentiveness on the gift given from a loving, generous Creator. The sun’s rays shining down and wrapping themselves around a life that I often take for granted feels like a hug from a loving Father. But to see and feel the sun’s rays, I have to be present. Being completely fixated on the moment is the only way to see the miracles. How many times have I bemoaned the sun rising for interrupting my sleep? How many times have I taken for granted the miracle of the sun’s rising or for that matter the miracle of the Son’s rising?

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She doesn’t know it, but she gets it. She has perfected the beauty of living in the moment. And her reward…a front-row seat to the daily miracles God provides to those who are open to seeing His presence.

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by Melissa Lloyd

  • Love this, Melissa! Really love it! We could all take a lesson from our children in living in the moment, and learning again to appreciate all the amazing gifts our God has given us.ReplyCancel

  • Totally gorgeous set – those ones on the tennis court in the light are just dreamy!ReplyCancel

  • Wonderful session, excellent photos! I love the softness and expressions. Many great moments well captured.ReplyCancel

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I absolutely adore this family. They have invited me into their lives on three other occasions (Urban Family & Balloons and Sock Monkeys & Dylan @ 3 months) to capture the sweetness of their family. On this day, I was there to capture them as they loved on the newest member of their crew…Ryder. The in-home, lifestyle family photography sessions are turning into my favorite photo sessions. Kids and families in their everyday surroundings produce such beautiful, memorable images.

Congratulations Israel, Daphne, and Dylan! Ryder is perfect. 

by Melissa Lloyd

  • Love the natural light and all the sweet little details.ReplyCancel

  • Stacy G

    Love the details and the black and white images!! BeautifulReplyCancel

  • You are an extremely talented photographer! I really love all of these images. The family must be so happy with their photos. Just beautiful!ReplyCancel

To my Zachary…

You are becoming less little boy and more grown man as each day passes. I am so proud of you and look forward to the days ahead, but I cannot lie…these days have come and gone too fast…and this mother’s heart aches just a little for that boy I held in my lap.

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I remember bringing you home from the hospital and the sweet smell of your new skin…

Your first nights’ sleeping next to my bed…watching every breath you took…my heart was so full…

First smiles and giggles….you were always so happy…{and still are}…

We have faced dark days, just you and me, and felt the sweet exuberance of the sun shining once more…{only God could have known how much I would need you}

Your giggles and silliness have filled my life with love and light…

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There have been tractor rides and egg collecting on Grandpa’s farm…

Trees to climb and bikes to peddle…and John Deere tractors to ride at State Fair’s…

Trips through the drive-thru for French fries that I would eventually find under your car seat…and candy your tummy always had room for…

The endless hours of driving matchbox cars on everything…often left in pants pockets that would later be discovered in the washing machine {a.k.a the “car wash”}…

Countless trips to the park…duck feedings…and playground adventures…

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T-ball and soccer games played…moments in the sun making your freckles pop and your blue eyes glisten…

Knock-knock jokes told…songs sung…preschool concert nights…

Camcorder moments of you in your sweet, small voice announcing that all things purple would forever be known as “grape”

Your small hand in mine as we walked…the random hugs that always came at the right time…and the “I love you oodles and oodles” that flowed from your lips…

Little-boy messages left on my desk with misspelled words & backward letters expressing your love and sweet thoughts…{I am so blessed}

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…you are loved more than you will ever know…

…you have provided more joy than I can quantify….

I won’t even try to take credit for the beautiful person you are…{that was all God’s doing}…

And your placement in my life is a testament that God gives us gifts based on HIS perfect love….

I am forever thankful to Him for your life and the love you bring to my world…

With much love,



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by Melissa Lloyd

  • I love these. I know that ache of a growing child. You have done a wonderful job capturing this stage in his life.ReplyCancel

  • I love this! Time goes by too quickly, especially as a parent. Well done!ReplyCancel

  • Awwwwww. This was such a beautiful post. It absolutely made my day. I am glad God gave you such a wonderful son. Mine is a gift also. I treasure him! And just like you, I am saddened at the quickness of the days as they grow.

    It was wonderful to read this tonight. Thank you for sharing. Love, BeckyReplyCancel

  • The words that went along with these photos were perfect. Great session + story!ReplyCancel

A colorless image has a way of gently and ever-so-tenderly touching a soul…

…delicate details so gracefully held in the depths of shadows…

…beauty that cannot hide or get lost in the busy of color…

…emotion that grabs a heart and promises to never let go…

the awe of holding captive one tick of life’s clock…

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by Melissa Lloyd

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