I’m not going to lie…I am not one of those mothers that just naturally has no problem with their children making big messes in the act of playing…little messes I can deal with and appreciate. It is the BIG messes like paint being splattered all over the place or in the case of making bread with Maddy, flour flying everywhere. I am working on this…I believe in the philosophy of childhood messes and the necessity of them. The problem is that the practical side of me ends up taking over and the realization sets in that the “magic of childhood creativity and exploration” mess will eventually have to be cleaned up and more than likely the “clean up on isle four” will fall on my shoulders.

I think to a certain extent, I’ve always been this way. As a preschooler,  I went to Vacation Bible School and instead of playing with the other kids, I cleaned the play kitchen. Apparently, the place was dirty and needed my attention?? Having three kids has required me to let go and let some messes happen. Sometimes I even encourage the mess…(my mom is reading this with a look of shock on her face right now.)

Recently, I decided to make bread…I think Pinterest inspired this desire. I must have seen 25 pins for all kinds of bread and the carbaholic in me took over. As I stood in the kitchen gathering my ingredients, Maddy tugged on my shirt and asked to help me make my “bwed”. Over a couple of different days we made a few loaves of bread.

She spilled flour. Most of the eggs made it into the bowl but not all of them. She put her slobbered-on finger into the bag of sugar to taste it and danced in the flour that dusted our work area. We made a big.fat.mess and it was okay….because we had fun..because we laughed…because we grew a little closer those afternoons…because being with her was more important than the mess…

Days later…she is still talking about the days we made “bwed”…♥

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by Melissa Lloyd

Beautiful and graceful, varied and enchanting, small but approachable, butterflies lead you to the sunny side of life. ~ Jeffrey Glassberg

She put on her butterfly wings and said in that soft, sweet three-year-old voice “Mama, I want to fly” …those five words melted me. Her heart is so happy, free, and light…not a care in the world. Not a worry. Not a stress. Full of love. Full of peace. Full of joy. Full of laughter. Just as it should be…

…fly every day of your life, sweet girl…

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by Melissa Lloyd

This little guy was born just before Thanksgiving (yes, I am behind on my blogging…waaayyy behind.), but aren’t his Turkey feathers the cutest thing ever! His name is Cayson…you might remember his mom’s maternity photography session that I posted a few weeks ago.

He made his photographic debut at only 5 days new. I encourage all of my newborn-parent clients to do their sessions before the baby is 10 days old. After 10 days, babies tend to not be as sleepy and start stretching out which makes those curled up poses more difficult to get. If you considering a newborn photography session, please contact me two months prior to your due date to make sure I have space for you on my calendar.

by Melissa Lloyd

  • He is so cute. I could gobble him up! Ha ha! I love the little turkey feather bum and the beautiful, dramatic lighting on the second photo. Gorgeous!ReplyCancel

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. Lao Tzu

I have been photographing this family since Dylan was 3 months old (which seems like yesterday!!). After three sessions with this family, there is one thing about them that stands out….how much they love each other and Dylan. Every time I do a family photography session with them, I can see and feel the over-the-moon love they have for their son. His sweet spirit and the glow of his happiness is a direct reflection of their love poured out on him. ♥

by Melissa Lloyd

This year, I decided to share more of my personal lifestyle family photography work on my blog. My kids are the inspiration behind my work, the joy in my heart, and are responsible for my growth as an artist…keeping them off the blog simply because they are mine just isn’t me. My blog is the story of my life and ALL those who come into it or are apart of it every day. I will say loud and proud that I am a mom with a camera.

Today is a little “day in the life of Maddy Grace”…10 photos telling her story. She had her doll house out for some play time, read Christmas books in February, and “tolored” with her “tayons”. I love being a quiet spectator watching her imagination play out. She is so different from her brothers, but shares one thing in common with her brother Joshua…silliness. She definitely has the goof-ball gene. Her peek-a-boo inside the doll house made me smile and laugh.

The family photo sessions that are planned out with my kids are great, but more and more I am so drawn to photographing the little moments. These are things I will long for when she moves past this season of life. Hearing her “read” a book and tell the story based on what she sees in the pictures…hearing the conversations she has with the mommy and daddy in the doll house…and her asking me if her artwork is “bootiful”. Those sweet conversations and moments of play where she is in her own little world teach me to see life differently…to see these moments, I have to slow down and quiet the distractions of life. Isn’t that what we all need? What we all want? At 3, Maddy seems to have this figured out.

 Yes, I know there are only supposed to be 10 images, but those of you that know me…know that narrowing down images is one of my weaknesses. 🙂


by Melissa Lloyd

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