Photography as Art

Last time, I shattered your wall decor reality by debunking the myth that 8x10s are large prints. Today, we are going to talk about what does belong on those walls above large furniture or on walls that are just big.

If you read my last post on 8x10s (find it here: The 8×10 Myth ) and are settling in to read this thinking you are going to “tell me how it is” by waving an 11×14 in my face and thinking you “got” me, put your 11×14 away and holster your attitude. An 11×14 doesn’t even make the list when it comes to large prints and has about as much mojo above large furniture as LSU had against Alabama in the 2012 BCS Championship.

Let’s get back on track. We are going to be talking about prints 16×20 and larger. Yes, you do have wall space for prints this size… and yes, I can read your mind.

A picture is worth a thousand words so I am going to let this one talk to you:

wall print examples for family photography in san antonio

Can’t believe it can you? That 16×20 actually looks kinda small over that couch. No worries, that can be fixed, but for now I want you to soak up the size. Can you imagine hanging an 8×10 above that couch? Martha Stewart would thrash you. You would be the laughing stock of the neighborhood. Your kids’ playgroup would disavow you. No “home of the month” for you and you can kiss being the volunteer vice-president of the HOA away. That ain’t gonna happen (more great grammar). In fact, you may have to move….out of state.

Before you walk the green mile, there is hope. Rid yourself of your fear of large prints. They aren’t scary at all. Used correctly, those large prints become art. A-R-T…art. Your child(ren). Your family. Your new baby. You and your honey, sweetie, lover pie. ART.

Oh and that 16×20 dilemma above…I’d buy two and either put them side-by-side above that couch or stagger them one on top of the other. You could also put smaller prints on either side of the 16×20…yes, I said smaller ones…they can be used WITH a larger print, but NOT by themselves. Got it? Good!

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by Melissa Lloyd

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