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If you are on Pinterest, you know the vast amount of information that can be found on this site. I love it. I find inspiration of all types out there…recipes, cleaning tips, photography, words of wisdom, humor, free stuff, kid stuff, teaching materials, and on and on and on. If you aren’t on Pinterest, then you should be!! It is super easy to use. Basically, you create Boards and “pin” things you like to those boards. Think of boards like a file folder that you put paper (pins) in to keep things neat and organized. Simple, huh? The image above shows a *few* of my Pinterest Boards.

When working with clients over the last few years, the thing I hear most is “I’m not sure what I want”. Using Pinterest to plan your next photography session will help you hone in on what you like and don’t like…ensuring that you get the session and images that melt your heart every time you see them.

So, how can you use Pinterest to plan your next family photography session? 

1. Create a Board for your session. pinterest board example

2. Start pinning images that you like. Don’t think too much about it. Just collect images. You can find photos under the Photography category. And don’t forget to check out my Pinterest boards. I pin like crazy!

3. After you’ve collected 20 or so images, go through each one and decide WHAT you like about that image. Look for themes in the images that you chose. Are all the images taken in an urban setting? Country setting? Are they posed or more candid? Is there a certain theme in each one (i.e. – kids at a lemonade stand)? Are the images outside or inside the home? Are they black and white images or color images?

4. Next, collect examples of clothing that you like. Maybe you find some great color combinations, textures, etc. Make note of what you like and when the time comes to make wardrobe decisions it will be less overwhelming. I have boards for Men, Women, Girls, Boys, Families, and Kid Accessories.

5. Finally, collect examples of how other people have displayed their photos. Do you want albums? Wall Art? Wall Galleries? Prints? What do you want to do with these images (i.e. give them away, hang them on the wall, frame them, etc)? Where in your home do you want to display these images (i.e. make a wall gallery in your stairwell, hang a large print above the fireplace, etc)?

6. Last but not least…share your board with me. Send me the link so we can collaborate and plan your session. Knowing what you want is the key to being overjoyed with your session and I will settle for nothing less than you being OVERJOYED!!


If you have questions, leave me a comment below or send an email to Happy Pinning! 🙂

by Melissa Lloyd

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