Being Still and Quiet ~ San Antonio TX Family Photographer

We spent some quiets moments, just her and I, enjoying the cool morning air and the warmth of the sun as it rose in the sky. She always has plenty of questions to keep the conversation going, but every so often she just sits and takes it in without a word being said. I love both her inquisitiveness and her thoughtful moments of reflection. Playing with sticks in the dirt, collecting rocks, and throwing leaves in the air for the wind to catch were the perfect entertainment and I just sat back and watched…

Sat back and had my own reflective moments of how blessed I am….how God is far better to me than I deserve…how these moments of playing in the dirt dreaming dreams and laughing at the leaves dancing with the wind are what’s real in this world. So often, she makes me be still and quiet. I love that about her.

san antonio family photographerEventually, Joshua came out and they played soccer. Maddy “scored” 5 goals and was beside herself proud of beating her older brother.

Our morning outside ended with a little basketball and a lot of love. Joshua watched Maddy try to make a basket, but when she just couldn’t do it, he went over and picked her up to make her just a little bit bigger. He wanted her to succeed. He wanted to help. Even though it still wasn’t enough to get the ball in the hoop…in that moment he showed his heart for his little sister. It didn’t matter that five minutes before that they were bickering over who scored what and whose ball it was. All that mattered was that he saw her need and he did what he could to help. Such sweetness.

A moment I am so happy I captured….and one that I will pull out some day when they are grown. We will look over these photos and remember the days of growing up. Remember the love. Remember the days playing outside. Remember the belly laughs and maybe some of the tears. Remember the lessons learned. Remember being together.

Photos are the blessing count of our lives…they promise to remember when we forget.


by Melissa Lloyd

  • I just love your work. You have such a way with words, and I always enjoy your posts.ReplyCancel

  • Love! Such a precious time spent with your babies… Time flies and you are so fortunate to have these photos to document this time in your life.ReplyCancel

  • mirandalynnphoto

    I love this! Makes me want to write down memories of my sweet baby girl before she gets any older! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Very sweet! Makes me long for more quiet moments to sit and capture memories to help me remember!ReplyCancel

  • Still and Quiet are two words that are not in my kids vocabulary! Excellent photos though!ReplyCancel

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