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Say Click!! Take a pic!! Say Click!! Take a pic!! Soy click la camera…I can take a pic…blah…blah…blah…if that little squirt Dora can take good pictures so can you. For those of you that don’t know Dora, count your blessings…her little picture song is cute, but it quickly gets infused in your head.  Removing it is next to impossible…

I thought I would do a series on Tips for Taking Better Pictures…seems like a good idea for you to be up to at least Dora’s level in your photo taking (wink!)…so here goes…

Today’s tip: Bright sunny days do not equal good pics.

I know that seems crazy and you are already thinking I have no clue what I am talking about, but let me assure you I am not as nutty as you think. Bright sunny days create harsh shadows, squinty eyes, and silhouettes.

I bet you have pictures where someone’s face is glowing on one side and dark on the other. You can admit it…we all have these pictures…there is no shame. Blame the sun and the harsh shadows she creates…

I bet you also have pictures with people that appear to have no eyes or black eyes. You can see in the examples below that Joshua is trying to keep his eyes open but the sun is so bright he can’t. He now has a case of the squinty eyes which is sad because he has gorgeous blue eyes. You want your subject to have eyes…have you seen pictures where the people all have dark eyes (read: black)…those aren’t aliens…those are humans having their picture taken in light that is too bright. Not attractive.


squinty eyes and harsh shadows photo

I know you have pictures where the background is bright and the person in the picture is super dark….as in, YOU have to squint to make out who is in the picture. This is because your lighting was BEHIND your subject lighting up their butt. Oops. Your subject needs to be facing the light source….light up their face…not their derrière.

sillouette photo of child

Cloudy days or shady places = better pictures. Those clouds diffuse the sun’s rays virtually eliminating harsh shadows. They also make it possible for your subject to look at you without the sun burning a hole in their retina…that’s a plus. Patches of shade will at least provide even lighting on your subject but be careful which direction your subject has to look because you can still get squinty eyes.

san antonio photo of joshua

photo of Joshua


















Joshua was my helper in bringing you this PSA. It only cost me extra outside playing time…pretty cheap for Joshua…

Next time we are going to talk about invading your subjects personal space…just kidding…well, kinda…

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by Melissa Lloyd

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