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These boys are too much fun and I adore photographing this family. Their first session was out in the country with balloons, books, apples, and airplanes and is still one of my all time favorites. Check is out here: Apples & Airplanes.

This time around we took those crazy cute boys to Pearl Brewery for some urban flair. And there was not shortage of smiles and orneriness…but when two brothers are together, what do you expect? There is something so sweet about little boys. Their energy. Their silliness. Their personalities. These little boys exude happiness and when you are around them, you can’t help but smile. I love being a family and children’s photographer!:)

Thank you Sarah and Geri for allowing me the gift of photographing your family.
family photography in san antonio texas throo the lens photography melissa lloyd

by Melissa Lloyd

I love going to the Botanical Gardens for family photo sessions. The grounds are beautiful and make for such a great backdrop. This sweet family was a referral from another client (Thank you Jennifer!). Aren’t the fall colors gorgeous?!? Now that spring is officially here, I am thinking of taking my kids there to enjoy the gardens before the heat settles into San Antonio.

children family photography throo the lens photography san antonio texas

by Melissa Lloyd

I am not a “look at me!” kind of person… never have been…I was the little girl that hid under the church pew when the pastor said hello to me. Always the quiet one around people I didn’t know. The one labeled shy. Think wallflower. Age has improved this, but I have come to accept that God made me to be exactly who I am… and that is more than fine.

I don’t advertise… I am not a social media expert (in fact, I am terrible at it)… the introvert in me cries out to NOT share my feelings or thoughts for fear of being hurt by others… which has affected what I write on this blog…my SEO stinks because I am not good at tweaking the “whatever” on this site to make Google love me. Honestly, the deck is stacked against me in anyone finding me in this Great.Big.World. But when they do… when someone chooses me out of the deep well of never-ending photographer options in San Antonio to be their family photographer, it’s a big deal. To be trusted with another person’s hard earned money and to take high-quality photos of their family…. I don’t take that lightly and certainly not for granted.

Maybe you are reading this and thinking “what’s the big deal?”… Photographer…Schmotographer…”pick one and get some pretty pictures“. We live in a very disposable society these days… “out with the old, in with the new”… and there is always something or someone new. Always. Someone cheaper. Someone offering “this” or “that”. None more than in the photography world. The market is flooded with photographers these days and when someone says “I want to work with you”… it means something to that photographer. As an artist, when your work and your words can stand out and be seen in a loud, overcrowded, competitive world it is humbling.

For me, when a family keeps coming back for me to capture new moments… well, my cup runneth over. I mean that sincerely. This family has allowed me to photograph their new babies and the beauty of their family numerous times (I think 4 to be exact!). I hope they read this… I hope they know how thankful I am to photograph them again and again… thankful for their trust in me… thankful for their loyalty…

family lifestyle children  photography in san antonio texas throo the lens photography melissa lloyd

by Melissa Lloyd