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I absolutely adore this family. They have invited me into their lives on three other occasions (Urban Family & Balloons and Sock Monkeys & Dylan @ 3 months) to capture the sweetness of their family. On this day, I was there to capture them as they loved on the newest member of their crew…Ryder. The in-home, lifestyle family photography sessions are turning into my favorite photo sessions. Kids and families in their everyday surroundings produce such beautiful, memorable images.

Congratulations Israel, Daphne, and Dylan! Ryder is perfect. 

by Melissa Lloyd

Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do…but how much love we put into that action. ~ Mother Teresa

You might remember this family. I met up with them in April to capture the three of them before Peter’s arrival. Looking at these images, brings such a warm feeling to my heart. Their love for their boys…their joy over Peter’s safe arrival…their thankfulness for the blessings given to them.

Love resides in this home…

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by Melissa Lloyd

This little guy was born just before Thanksgiving (yes, I am behind on my blogging…waaayyy behind.), but aren’t his Turkey feathers the cutest thing ever! His name is Cayson…you might remember his mom’s maternity photography session that I posted a few weeks ago.

He made his photographic debut at only 5 days new. I encourage all of my newborn-parent clients to do their sessions before the baby is 10 days old. After 10 days, babies tend to not be as sleepy and start stretching out which makes those curled up poses more difficult to get. If you considering a newborn photography session, please contact me two months prior to your due date to make sure I have space for you on my calendar.

by Melissa Lloyd

It’s been a while since I’ve been out here…sorry. I have been crazy busy and when that happens updating my blog always gets put on the back burner. I’ve been photographing so many wonderful families and promise to share some snippets from their sessions soon. This fall I have been blessed with a packed calendar of some amazing clients…some new and some returning…all of them I consider friends. As we say good-bye to November and the month of remembering how good we have it…I want to say THANK YOU to the people that have trusted me with their family photos. I have the best clients!! 

In the meantime, meet Cayson…he was 5 days new in this photo. ♥

Newborn Photographer in San Antonio TX


by Melissa Lloyd

You had a great session.

Got your disc.

Scroll down…let’s talk about that disc…

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5 Things to Do With Your CD of Images

1.)  The obvious answer is to use one of the suggested labs (eg. MPix or Unit Prints) and go ape-crazy-bananas printing. Wallpaper Grandma Edna’s living room with pictures of her grandkids, send some prints to aunts, uncles, cousins, your BFF from high school so she can see your family (insert: be green with envy), close friends, and whoever else makes your short list. Don’t forget to print for yourself too. Replace the image in your favorite picture frame that has been sitting in your entry way for three years. Pick up your jaw…yes, I knew about that…no, I am not spying on you. We all (myself included) have at least one of those golden oldies…or maybe 3…okay, I have 8! Get off my back!! Anyway, the sky is the limit really. You don’t have to be miserly with the picture sharing. After all, you can make prints for less than 3 bucks a piece. Impulse buys in the checkout line at Target cost more than $3…you can afford generous printing…

2.) After you have exhausted your “who’s who” list for printing, you could share the web sized images on your family blog. Don’t have a family blog? Now that you have super awesome images to share, isn’t it the perfect time to create one? There are tons of them for free (WordPress, Blogger) and don’t all the “cool” families have blogs highlighting how fabulous they are? Don’t deprive your children of worldwide acknowledgement of their existence…that is just wrong. Also, it would get those relatives off your back when they complain about not knowing what you are up to…you know who they are…

3.) You’ve printed…you’ve blogged…now you can share your web sized images on Facebook for your friends to admire your Nobel Peace prize ability to procreate children that are not only gorgeous (read: future models), but quite clearly geniuses (read: future rocket scientists and brain surgeons). Yes, they can see the genius-ness in the photos…apparently it is oozing from your kids’ pores. And no, I won’t enhance the ooze in Photoshop (there are Photoshop ethics)…I did sharpen it a bit just so that it wouldn’t be missed…I did that for free too. My little gift to you…you can thank me later…wink, wink…

4.) Okay, now that you have printed…blogged…facebook-ed…don’t forget scrapbooking. This can be done digitally or in print. It is your decision, but every GOOD parent scrapbooks.  You will want to use your images to tell the story of your session and show your kids as they are or maybe how you wish they were (just kidding…well, maybe) These scrapbooks will come out when relatives come to visit (scrapbooks done well will keep them busy for a while- BO-NUS!!) or when you need to go to your happy place before the chaos of your life overtakes you and you end up in a padded room. Just sayin’…

5.) So, where are we? You’ve printed…blogged…facebook-ed…scrapbooked…what’s left? Hmm…what about using the images for some holiday cards? The labs listed on your disc print up some pretty snazzy cards…Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day, etc. Or…be unique and create Labor Day or Bastille Day cards. I would laugh. my.butt. off if someone sent me a Bastille Day card!

Next time we are going to talk about what your walls are saying…stay tuned…

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by Melissa Lloyd

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