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This is her absolute favorite book (right now, anyway) and I’m pretty sure that we have read it about a thousand times. In the last few weeks, she has started reading it herself. While I am excited that her reading skills are improving and she can read more and more things on her own, it is a little bittersweet. It means that she will crawl on my lap less and less to have me read her a book. Being a mother is harder than advertised in so many ways, but letting go and being needed less and less just might be the hardest part.

On this sweet day, she read her favorite story to her piggy.

She didn’t need me to read the story…but she did need me to record this moment of her life. Fifteen sweet minutes of her reading all by herself to one of her favorite friends. Fifteen minutes that I don’t ever want to forget.

san antonio child lifestyle photography throo the lens photography

san antonio child lifestyle photographer throo the lens photography

san antonio child lifestyle photography if you give a pig a pancake

by Melissa Lloyd

Sometimes she dresses up as Elsa or Anna from Frozen. Sometimes she dresses up as Tinkerbell. On this day, she decided to be a chicken. There’s a magic in being five…♥ 

san antonio children

by Melissa Lloyd

Pearl Brewery in San Antonio has to be one of my favorite places to shoot family photo sessions. The lighting, the buildings, the architecture, the grounds….are all so beautiful. This family was so fun to work with. All smiles. Joking. Laughing. And having a good time together in spite of the heat and humidity. They were such a joy to be around!

If you would like to get in front of my camera before the holidays…NOW is the time to book a session. I have limited availability this fall so contact me to get on my calendar.

san antonio family photographer pearl brewery throo the lens photography

by Melissa Lloyd