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Spring is right around the corner and it will be 90 degrees before you know it. Here is a great family “what to wear” guide. Notice how the predominate colors are navy blue and yellow, but not everyone is wearing the exact same shirt and pants? This is a great example of the look you want to strive for when you are picking out everyone’s clothes. There is a BIG difference between coordinating and matching. Coordinating is perfectly illustrated below. See how there is a color scheme, but there are different prints and types of shirts/pants? No one is wearing the same thing as someone else and yet it just goes together, right? This is how to do it. Matching, on the other hand,  is when everyone is wearing the same type of pants (ex. khaki’s or jeans) and the same color polo or button down shirt.

Coordinating your clothes has style and flair…matching your clothes says I couldn’t decide on a style. Don’t be indecisive! Having a custom photography session says you are hip and stylin’…don’t let your wardrobe selection talk bad about you. That’s just not cool…

Coordinating good. Matching bad.

what to wear family

by Melissa Lloyd

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