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Why Hiring a Professional Photographer is Worth the Investment:  Know-How

Just because a person goes out and buys an expensive camera, that doesn’t mean they will get good pictures. As good as today’s cameras are, they can’t take the perfect picture without the person using it getting involved.  If a person hasn’t mastered exposure, if they don’t how to consistently create sharp images, if they don’t understand proper lighting and how it is **key** to getting good photos and if they don’t know what white balance is and why it is important, the camera won’t magically know it either. Relying on the camera’s auto modes will produce some random good shots… and even more random bad ones.  Here is one of my favorite pictures of my son Zachary and a great example of what I am talking about when it comes to Know-How.

1. Look at the overall lighting in the image below…it is even, right? There aren’t any really light and bright areas and there aren’t any really dark areas. Proper **exposure**…just as it should be…

2. Can you count the hairs on his arm and the super cute freckles on his face? Yup, because it is tack **sharp** and the lighting was perfect…again, just as it should be…

3. Check out his skin tone and the colors in the picture. His skin is creamy and warm. The greens are green. The gold is gold and the white in his shirt is white. If you held this picture up to Zach’s skin, it would match him. Proper **white balance**…just as it should be…

While you are looking, take a look at the background…see how it is has that creamy, blurry effect? It is called Bokeh…(ya, crazy term, I know). Anyway, that beautiful, dreamy effect comes from the lens on the camera and mastering the capabilities of it and knowing how to apply it in a photograph. Bokeh is not a “one size fits all” effect…every photo is different.

zachary san antonio child photography


A professional photographer not only understands their camera and takes the picture, but captures things most people don’t or can’t capture for themselves. Ask yourself, if 5-10-20 years down the road when your kids are bigger or grown, will you have a warm, fuzzy spot for the photos you had done?? Will you be glad you had them done? Or worse, will you regret not having those photos done?

When you hire a professional photographer, you are hiring knowledge, know-how, and experience. Pro photographers know all about exposure, lighting, creating sharp images, white balance and a whole lot more…but they also capture personalities, life, emotion, and love…


by Melissa Lloyd

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