Why You Should Have Wall Prints

For those of you thinking that large wall prints are just too darn expensive, let’s talk this out. Ya, they cost more. Period. The end.

Just kidding. You didn’t think you’d get off that easy did you? Silly rabbit…Trix are for kids! Let’s just get the obvious out of the way: large prints done well are beautiful. You aren’t going to argue that are you? Good. Beyond their eye pleasing features, they are great conversation pieces when friends stop by. People just naturally gravitate to pictures and have a curiosity in looking at them and wondering what the story is behind the images. I love telling people the story behind an image I have enlarged on my wall. What mama doesn’t relish the opportunity to brag on her perfect kiddos? This mama doesn’t miss a chance…I will bore the crap out of you if you come to my home and admire my wall art. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Maybe the most important feature of large prints is the emotion behind them. It goes without saying that you are going to enlarge your favorite image(s)…ask yourself why that image is your favorite? Is it your favorite image because of the smile on someone’s face? Because of the emotion IN the image? Because of the emotion YOU feel when looking at the image? Because of the personality that was captured? Think about enlarging that image and hanging it above your couch or some other special place you pick. What are you going to feel every time you are in that room and see that image? Yup, you got it…you’re gonna feel Gr-r-reat! (Did you say that in your Tony the Tiger voice?) Anyway, that same emotional reaction will hit you every time you are in that space.

Here is a picture of a gallery of images hanging above my desk. It is probably my favorite because I recall each of the days I took those pictures of my babies. I look at those pictures and see my kids’ different personalities and smile. No matter how my day is going, I can catch a glimpse of those pictures and feel better. My kids are worth everything to me. Those faces…those images…remind me of what is important. It is as simple as that.

wall image collage of children in san antonio

Next time we are going to talk about 2 things that may be holding you back from getting large wall prints…

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by Melissa Lloyd

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