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To my babies…

You are loved. So much so that it is hard to contain. Just as you are. In your best moments and your worst. In your laughter and your tears. You are beautiful inside and out. You are joy givers. And life makers. Your faith and grace-giving are examples to live by. Forgiveness for my imperfections comes quickly and with a much needed hug. You bring glimpses of Jesus from your untainted hearts. You make me better in all ways. Without you, I would never fully understand the love of God.

Each of you has brought something unique to my life… something I didn’t know was missing until you came along. Something I didn’t know that I needed until you wrapped your arms around my neck and a part of my heart awakened that I didn’t know was asleep.

Zach, I love that you see the good in people and are quick to forgive. 

And since you are my first and first born’s are the guinea pigs for all parents, I have needed your grace and forgiveness more than a few times. Thank you for loving me in spite of my shortcomings. Thank you for loving me when I didn’t have this “mom thing” completely figured out (and I still haven’t perfected it so keep that in mind for the future). I thank God that you have a laid back personality and will go with my crazy flow at times. I have always wanted to be the very best for you. You are a generous person… spending what little money you have on gifts for family… and volunteering your time to help at church. I love your humor and seeing you laugh. I love that I can count on you more and more as you mature and grow. And seeing you seek after God as you become more man and less boy, makes me so proud. You are a good person. Be the man that God created you to be and the man I know you are. And always remember this: Protect your heart. It is a rare gift to live a life that can see the good in God’s people and quickly forgive their mess-ups. I love you oodles and oodles. 

Joshua, I love that you genuinely care about other people and have such a tender, sweet heart. 

To my middle one…the cream-filling in my sandwich cookie. You show such beautiful concern for the people around you. The first player on the court to run over to someone who is hurt. The first pat on the back to a hurting friend. You share your possessions easily and know that the person playing with your toys is more important than the toy itself. Not everyone has this figured out. Watching you makes my heart overflow. I love that you aren’t afraid to show kindness and you want to include everybody in whatever you are doing. Your desire to make others laugh keeps our home full of silly. You love going to church and learning about the God who made you uniquely you. For that I am thankful. You are so easy to love which is why you have a whole gaggle of friends and are the life of the party… more importantly, you are my life. It is impossible to see you smile and not feel good. And your laugh… your laugh is contagious. I see you love your brother and sister and know that you will love them for a lifetime because when you love it is deep and long-lasting. I love you infinity times infinity.

Maddy, I love that you are my “huggy bear”… always ready to fill my “hug tank”… always ready with sweet words to whisper in my ear. 

My sweet girl. Shy around people you don’t know, but the commander and chief at home. You love so sweetly. Hugging me from the moment you get up in the morning until I “cover you in” at night. Counting the hugs to make sure that our “hug tanks” are always full and giving me extra special “piggy hugs” when I need them most. I love that your socks rarely match and you aren’t bothered a bit by it. You see the world in rainbows and hearts and I pray it is always that way. I love that you insist on sparkly pink polish for your toes and that a bath is not a bath without bubbles. Little girl, you are the jelly to my peanut butter! My little dancer that bounces all over the studio because her heart is full of love…. there can be no other reason for your dancing than this. So easy to please with some time at the playground or hopscotching on the sidewalk. You love freely and wear your heart on your sleeve. Always smiling. Always laughing. You grab my hand to hold as we walk down the street and the feel of your tiny fingers reminds me of how good life is. My love, I will hold your hand forever. I love you more.

children family teen photography san antonio texas throo the lens photographyWhen I think of you, I am in awe that God would put such beautiful love in my life. Undeserved, unearned love from my Heavenly Father… that is what each of you are. God knew we would be perfect for each other before we were created. The ultimate match-maker. The Author of love with a perfect plan. Know this… I will love you forever. No matter what…you are loved. Loved completely. Loved unconditionally. Loved in your successes and your failures. Loved when you are unlovable because at times we are all unlovable. The best I know how… I will love you…

 And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity. (Colossians 3:14)

by Melissa Lloyd

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